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April 14, 2022

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The spring issue features:

The Gallery
Loose Footing
The Race
Blue Jandals and Bad Futures
Nana’s Old Backyard
Tangiwai Disaster
Rex Martin’s House
Aku Mana Nunui
A Lifetime of Impossible Days
Solitary Skier
Ocean Night

Kupe and the Giant Wheke

... and many more!

Over 2000 young writers and artists published so far!

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Artist credits: Spaceman, Toitoi 25, pictures by Eliana Brown, age 11; In the Depths, Toitoi 13, pictures by Scarlet Connor, age 10; Seashells, Toitoi 25, pictures by Lars Meyer-Westfeld, age 11, Kaimanawa, Toitoi 9, pictures by Jess Barron, age 13; School Journal, image copyright (c) Crown; Sunflowers, Toitoi 16, pictures by Olive Marryatt, age 9.
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Explore Toitoi

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