About Elsie Locke

Elsie Locke was a writer, broadcaster, social historian, environmentalist, and an activist for peace and civil rights. She campaigned for women’s rights, nuclear disarmament, social justice, and the environment.

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Elsie was also a writer. She wrote stories and books about New Zealand and its history for children and for adults, and enjoyed writing by young people as much as writing for them. Elsie was a contributor to the School Journal for more than 40 years.

You can read some of her stories here.

Elsie learned to speak te reo Maori as an adult and used her analytical skills to support iwi to research the history of their land. She was also a keen tramper and swimmer, and brought up four children.

See some photos from Elsie's life here.

The Elsie Locke Writing Prize, 2022

Deadline: July 8, 2022
Email: elsielockeprize@toitoi.nz
Publication: Term 4, 2022

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A National Treasure

Elsie Locke lived an extraordinary life and continues to inspire many young writers.

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The Elsie Locke Writing Prize Submission Guidelines

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Artist credits (left to right and down): Elsie Locke, photographs courtesy of Don Locke; Taniwha, Toitoi 19, pictures by Vita Lawson, age 13.