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Logan Simich-Burr, Jillioneer
Manea Heeney, Jillioneer

Toitoi Together

Selene, read by Hollie Evans, age 13
School Playground, read by George Kavanagh, age 8
Moonlit Mystery, read by Charlotte Wilson, age 8
When the Queen Took Over KFC, read by Annabel June Barlow, age 10
Dad, There's a Shark in the Attic! read by Cooper Hall, age 9
Crayons, read by Leah Gunson, age 9
Cross Country, read by Eden Tuck, age 6
Snapper, read by Harrison Vaughan, age 10
Ink, read by Rose MacLean, age 12
Boogie Boarding, read by Lauchie McRae, age 7 and 3/4
The Beckoning Depths of the Teps, read by Esther O'Donnell, age 12
The Prizegiving, read by Lucy Kennedy, age 11
Wilderness, read by Romey Jewell, age 9
Castlepoint, read by Leo Williams, age 9
Wind, read by Mila Krzanich, age 9
Storyweaver, read by Alice MacLean, age 13
Rio Carnival, read by Zoe Mohr, age 9
Exploding Cheese, read by Kate Capie, age 11
Kitten Kenning, read by Hazel Barron, age 8
Just Because, read by Theo Arcus, age 11
Cross Country, read by Georgia Barron, age 10

Explore Latin America

Baltazar Marin, age 7, writer in the Toitoi: Latin America Special Issue
Stella Weston, age 13, writer in the Toitoi: Latin America Special Issue

Tips & Tricks for Toitoi TV

Choose your favourite story or poem from Toitoi
Hold the camera steady or set it up on a flat surface
Find a simple background and keep noise to a minimum
Film in landscape rather than portrait
Introduce yourself and the piece you are reading
Speak clearly and slowly, with lots of expression
Email it to with your details