Teacher Support Materials

We have created teacher support materials for Toitoi 31 to use in the classroom.

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Bonus Teaching Activities

Check out the latest bonus activity, inspired by Our Toheroa Experience and more from Toitoi 31.

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Reading Notes

Access reading notes for Toitoi and share the journal with your young Kiwi creatives.

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Thanks a Jillion

The teacher support materials for Jillion 1 and Jillion 2 are available as free digital downloads.

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Calling all young Kiwi creatives!

Encourage submissions in your class or library.

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Toitoi Story Search

Write a story or poem inspired by Delilah Wake-Willers' fantastic illustration published in Toitoi 31!

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Anzac Special Issue

Check out the awesome bonus material for our Anzac Special Issue.

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From My Window

In 2020, The New York Times asked artists to capture the view from their city windows during lockdown.

Inspired by this project, Toitoi invited some of New Zealand’s amazing young artists to create a response of their own. We have published the first few of these incredible pictures online in a series called From My Window.

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Toitoi featured in Ako

Discover the Toitoi Special Issues celebrating Southeast Asia and Latin America.

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Extra Credit

Discover more opportunities and resources for your young creatives to participate in the arts.

Take a look

Choose a text in Toitoi to share with your class or ask your students to read it independently using their own book.


Use the questions as a starting point for class discussion or independent research.


Guide your students to write their own response to the text.


Work with the text to inspire your students to create an artwork of their own.

Encourage your students to submit their work for publication and begin a conversation with other young New Zealanders through the arts.

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From The Editor

Read the latest From the Editor

Our new blog delivers amazing writing and art by young Kiwi creatives to your inbox.

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Our new blog delivers amazing writing and art by young Kiwi creatives to your inbox.
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Artist credits: Trampoline, Toitoi 18, pictures by Parker Knight, age 11; Owl, Toitoi 28, pictures by Ellie Zhang, age 11; Christmas Kiwi, Toitoi 29, pictures by Christian Lobb, age 11; Starfish, Toitoi 28, pictures by Sophia Wright, age 12; Poppy, Toitoi: Anzac Special Issue, pictures by Tessa Ganley, age 11; After School, Toitoi 21, pictures by Anabel Gorman, age 13; From My Window, Toitoi 20, pictures by Sam McGee, age 13; Phoenix, Toitoi 11, pictures by Manea Heeney, age 9; Birdscape, Toitoi: Latin America Special Issue, pictures by Scarlet Connor, age 12; Exploding Cheese, Toitoi 16, pictures by Saskia Barton-Mune, age 11; A Sunny Day, Toitoi 27, pictures by Ryan Teng, age 8.