School Journal,
November 2023

Submissions are now open!

Once again, there is no theme for these journals. This means you will be able to write about anything you like, in any way you like.

March 31, 2023
Publication date: November 2023


School Journal,
November 2022

Theme: Kaitiakitanga

Congratulations to Eden Rose (Level 2), Elise Mackay (Level 3) and Ellie Job (Level 4) whose work has been published in the November 2022 edition of the School Journal.

Check out the digital editions of the November 2022 School Journals below:

Eden Rose, Level 2

Elise Mackay, Level 3

Ellie Job, Level 4

School Journal,
June 2022

Theme: Tūpuna

Congratulations to Nathan Swain (Level 2), Lucas Yee (Level 3) and Emelia King (Level 4) whose work has been published in the June 2022 editions of the School Journal.

Check out the digital editions of the June 2022 School Journals below.

Nathan Swain, Level 2

Lucas Yee, Level 3

Emelia King, Level 4

School Journal, June 2023

Congratulations to Alisa Mikuta (Level 2), Matilda Hutterd (Level 3) and Lee McColl (Level 4) for having their writing selected for publication in the June 2023 School Journals!

We are so proud of you all!

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Artist credits (left to right and down): My Hair, Toitoi 23, pictures by Mia Ohlin, age 12; Whangaehu River, Toitoi 25, pictures by Cathy Li, age 13.