Frosty Morning Walk

Toitoi 25



Words by

Lucy Daughtrey, age 11

Pictures by

Kahlan Allen, age 10

Translation by

Narration by

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I grab the leash from its hook and swing it over my shoulder.

I listen as my socks pad through the rooms of our house and

into the hall by the door. I pull on my boots and tighten a

scarf around my neck.

     I call our dog, Buddy, and fasten his harness. Buddy wags

his tail, whipping it in the air. I fumble with his leash clip and

hook it onto the harness. My fingers unlatch the door and

Buddy’s nose nudges it open.

     We step out of the cosy warmth and into the frosty

morning. I see my hot breath blowing in a puffy cloud. Buddy

drags me toward his favourite track. We veer off the main

path and through the crunchy, dead leaves from the forgotten

summer. I spot a worthy prize for Buddy. I almost let go of the

leash as I lunge for the stick before Buddy can grab it.

     Looking at my watch, I realise it is time to head home.

I throw the small, knobbly stick back the way we came. Buddy

scurries along with me in tow as we re-enter the main street.

     “Look, Buddy! It’s Mum!” I exclaim as Mum pokes her head

through the front window. Sure enough, Buddy lunges towards

our house. Happily, we step back into the warmth.