I Try Saying 'Chilaquiles'

Latin America Special Issue



Words by

Masha Pospolitak, age 11

Pictures by

Julianna Wang, age 12

Translation by

Rafael Molina Pulgar

Narration by

Alex Clark

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I’m walking around the Mexican market
The smell of oregano, the heat of salsa
I try saying ‘chilaquiles’ but it comes out completely wrong
Buckets of loquats, tomatillos and avocados wait to be bought
I try not to seem like a tourist, but it doesn’t really work out
I take the smallest steps, admiring the beauty
Sugar skulls are stacked into the tallest of peaks
Bunting with hats and skulls flutters from stall to stall
I can’t hear my own voice because of all the noise
Sacks of grain and spices sit in almost every stall
Family-size bags of Cheetos hang high
My arms can’t reach
Dancers wear frilly dresses like massive fans
I want to stay here longer