Anzac Special Issue



Words by

Kareena Dunlop, age 11

Pictures by

Apple Minoza, age 11

Translation by

Narration by

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Imagine saying your last words to your family as you are about to risk your life on an epic journey.

Imagine walking onto a big ship and thinking you will be back to tell a lifetime story.

Imagine landing at Gallipoli and thinking you will have the time of your life then discovering that your death lies ahead.

Imagine the horrid aftertaste of bully beef and tack every single long-lasting day.

Imagine having great valour then slowly having a disheartened mind.

Imagine being proud and wearing your tunic then watching it gradually getting ripped and bloodstained.

Imagine seeing the horrible rats and head lice crawl through you like they’re investigating you.

Imagine seeing your foot covered in the black deadly sickness, trenchfoot.

Imagine you and your fellow comrade saying your morning prayers together and then watching his last breath the next day.

Imagine hearing the deafening gunshots and realising it was your mate who suffered at that moment.

Imagine 100 years later people remembering what they went through for peace in our country.

Imagine the… why would you even want to?

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