My Name Is Leo

Toitoi 17



Words by

Leo Yang, age 10

Pictures by

Kate Capie, age 10

Translation by

Narration by

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My name is Leo. I come from China. At my school in China, there were more than 3000 people. In my class, 52 people sat together in a small room.

     Our break was only 10 minutes long and sometimes we just did school work. I was in Year 3 but school finished at 4.30pm. We didn’t need to bring lunch because we ate it in the school cafeteria. We had lots of homework.

     When we got to New Zealand, everything changed. There was no homework, we had morning tea, our classroom was big and school finished at 3.00pm.

     But I had a big problem. I didn’t know very much English. My teacher gave me a buddy and my buddy was mean to me. I felt so lonely. Then I met a person called Franklin. He was kind. He played with me and taught me English.

     I like living in New Zealand because we have a garden. I like gardening. There are beautiful flowers and many trees and it is very clean and safe.

     Everything is better now. I have friends. But I still miss my family and friends in China. I wish I could see them.