Nature Is Art

Latin America Special Issue



Words by

Kahal Gardiner, age 11

Pictures by

Max Turley, age 11

Translation by

Carlos H. Moreno

Narration by

Milica Homolja

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On April 28, 2019, Nicolás Paris came to Ratapiko School. Nicolás is an artist from Colombia and he speaks Spanish. He showed us how to create trees out of paper.

Each of us had a pair of scissors and a piece of A4 paper. We cut a strip of paper two inches wide. We cut through the middle of the strip and folded the cut parts back to make branches. We folded them again and again, until we couldn’t fold them any more.

A week later, we went to the Govett Brewster Art Galleryin New Plymouth and met Nicolás again. He showed us his sculptures. They were made out of lots of driftwood. It was really fascinating because the sculptures made shadows on the walls. Each shadow created a different illusion depending on how you looked at it. Some looked like eels and some looked like fish swimming in a pool.

Nicolás also showed us other kinds of work that he created using natural resources. The gallery itself was big and really cool. There were more designs and artworks by other people. It was the best day ever!