Toitoi 11



Words by

Helena Zemon, age 10

Pictures by

Manea Heeney, age 9

Translation by

Narration by

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I see the swish of purple-blue tail feathers in the dappled light of the trees. A sleek, feathered body rushes through the air and lands delicately, perching on a nearby branch. I can see a beautiful face of orange feathers. The feathers curl up like a headdress on top of her head and her golden beak sits gleaming on her face. 

     Her talons grip the gnarled branch. A sunbeam shines down on her like a spotlight on a stage. Her fiery eyes flicker as if they were the flames of a bonfire. She is ablaze. She is suddenly evil. The branches shuffle and the beam vanishes from her speckled coat. She is delicate and careful again. I watch her preen her layers of feathers.

     I stare in awe at the radiant creature. I go in for a closer look, taking my chances. I step on a branch. Crack! With a single swoop of her colossal wings, she takes off into the setting sun. I feel disappointed that I disturbed her but still amazed at this rare sighting.