Toitoi 12



Words by

Millie Sarjeant, age 11

Pictures by

Logan Simich-Burr, age 13

Translation by

Narration by

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Black salty waves like demon mountains thrash against the pier.

He stands there, a looming silhouette with one bloodshot eye.

A dark chocolate patch adorns his other eye.

A shaggy black cat-like beard hugs his chin.

A single mangled braid hangs from his stained hat.

A skull and crossbones twinkles in a beam of moonlight.

A scarred face mirrors turbulent events.

He gives off a musky scent like an old sock.

He looks like a murderous crow waiting for prey.

A wanted lad, on the run.

He strides down the pier.

He knocks on the door.

It creaks open.

He disappears through the slithering gap.