Raukawa Rangiaitu Kora

Toitoi 7



Words by

Te Maia Kora, age 11

Pictures by

Courtney Yeoman, age 12

Translation by

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“Ea, get outta my room or I will smash you, egg!” That’s my brother. His name is Raukawa Rangiaitu Kora. He was born in Rotorua on October 31, 1999 and he is 16 years old.

     My brother has pitch black hair, coffee brown eyes, ordinary-sized ears and tons of moles and pimples on his face. He has just started sprouting a little moustache and beard. He has a tiny dent on his forehead and is like a giant compared to my parents. Raukawa has a beefy build and consistently wears boxers.

     Raukawa is like a calculator. He is the bomb at times tables and division. He is also the man at English. Raukawa is an exceptional tennis player and has a killer forehand.

    He is a legend at computer games. His favourite computer game is League of Legends. He is in the top five per cent in the world for this game — that is why I call him a legend.

Raukawa is like a stand-up comedian. He knows how to deliver a good punchline and has us in fits of laughter.

     When I’m losing at anything, my brother always says to me, “Don’t give up.”

My brother is lackadaisical about his abilities. He could be amazing at loads of stuff but he just doesn’t care.

Raukawa is changeable like the weather. One minute I’m taking punches and the next he’s the best brother a little boy can have.

     I adore Raukawa. He is funny, sporty and good at computer games. Nothing can stop me from loving my brother.