This Is Me

Latin America Special Issue



Words by

Amelia Rivas Herrera, age 9

Pictures by

Sequoia Wallace, age 7

Translation by

Odeiny Gavira Tejeda

Narration by

Amelia Rivas Herrera

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¡Hola! Mi nombre es Amelia. I’m a Cuban Kiwi. My papá is from Cuba and my mamá is from New Zealand. I was born on an island called Mallorca in Spain. I came to New Zealand when I was three. At home we speak a mix of Spanish and English.

Sometimes we have Cuban food. My favourite is chicharritas which are fried green bananas. Sometimes we listen to Spanish music. I love music and I love dancing.

I have two sisters. My big sister was born in Cuba like my papá. My little sister was born in New Zealand like my mamá. One day, I would like to go to Cuba to meet my family.