Whaea Shell

Toitoi 7



Words by

Thomas Linklater, age 6

Pictures by

Laura Luo, age 13

Translation by

Narration by

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Whaea Shell is a Maungatapu School teacher. Whaea Shell loves boiled watercress with bacon bones. She thinks that art is great. Whaea Shell is a human. She likes to do heaps of writing. She has a brand new Suzuki Swift. Whaea Shell is great at maths and she likes music. She loves to play the guitar. She likes to teach Māori art. Whaea Shell is awesome! She has a box of toys. There are about 60 toys in the box. Whaea Shell calls the box of toys ‘The Treasure Box’. She is the best teacher in the universe, especially when she gives out Freddo Frogs and chocolate bars and when she gives us free time. Whaea Shell calls free time ‘CREST Time’. She lets us on the iPad every day at school. Whaea Shell can get really grumpy but she is always a great teacher. I’m glad I am in Room 8. Whaea Shell is awesome and she makes me feel bright.